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So I’m feeling floral today… I couldn’t resist posting about a fabric that I truly love. It all started with my mom who was an exceptional botanical artist and all-round creative. We both studied textile design, me after high school and my mom only later in life. But my love for all things floral definitely began in my early years through my mom’s influence and her creative abilities, not only on paper but in the garden too. A good floral design is wonderful because a translation can be made from nature onto fabric and still retain it’s freshness and exuberance.

So click over to Freeworld Design Centre for my weekly Wednesday guest post – you’ll spot the street styles strutting their florals off to the Liberty print garden party… hypothetically, of course!

And talking about another lovely lady who fancies a good floral… click over to Lana of Lanalou Style for my Modern Design gift selection ideas. Thanks for having me on your always beautiful and ever inspiring blog, Lana!

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