pie in the sky


I posted about Arthur Buxton yesterday over at Freeworld Design Centre with his Vogue Covers project. These pie-chart colour visualisations are one of his earlier series which makes a colour study of several of the Impressionists’ work. The artist extracted the 5 most prominent colours from each painting, tracking which colours were used most and then sampled them as pie charts. I find this fascinating from both a conceptual & visual point of view. I love it when people think out of the box.


The artist makes some interesting observations about the choice of colour palettes. “The works of painters such as Monet, Van Gogh and Gauguin provided me with perfect subject matter because each artist had such a unique palette. Also, information such as where a painting might have been painted can be seen by looking at each individual chart. For instance; you can clearly see, just from looking at the Gauguin pie charts, which paintings he did in Tahiti, and which were done back in France. The Tahitian ones have such a strong tropical palette; the European works tend to generate a paler, cooler and more muted chart. Looking at the sets of charts in chronological order demonstrates not just how much the palettes differ from painting to painting, artist to artist; but also, as the movement developed and how fashions changed overall, trends evolved and conventions were abandoned.”


how amazing would these look on the wall? Good news… they are available to buy as fine art prints over at CFPR Editions.

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