candy land


The Candy Room in Melbourne, Australia is a destination boutique for those with a sweet tooth. The creative team of the Red Design Group were briefed by the owners to create a space which was edgy, humorous and uniquely charismatic. It was not to be simply a shop; it had to be a destination and an experience.


Located in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD, The Candy Room plays with the concept of illusion, fantasy and the exaggeration of a room. The graphic black line artwork suggests the elements in a room – a kitchen splash back is drawn complete with a boiling pot on the stove or a framed portrait of one of the kids – without the reality of a room. The brightness of the confectionery brings colour to the space while the crisp white & black interior is like an illustration into which the customer can step, bringing out that inner child.

Perhaps The Candy Room will one day be a sweet destination for me… I have a massive sweet tooth!


all images from Red Design Group

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