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my guest post for Freeworld Design Centre last week entered the world of stylish children’s playrooms…


I became quite distracted over at Apartment Therapy, ogling all the adorable playrooms & nurseries… when I was growing up, I had a mild case playroom-envy. You see, my best friend had a rather shabby but enviably cool wendy-house/playroom in the garden which we would dutifully sweep clean of leaves (from the hole in the roof) and dust cobwebs from the windows (from the invisible resident spiders) before we could get down to the serious business of tea parties & fairy gardens. I will always remember that unsophisticated playroom/wendy house with nostalgic fondness. I could’ve done without the cobwebs though.

Now these uber-stylish playrooms are considerably fancier than those charmingly rustic playrooms from my childhood, but hey, at least there aren’t any spiders lurking behind the curtains & they look reasonably leaf-free! So come ogle along with me at some seriously chic spaces filled with fun & whimsy…




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