abstract memories: Randy Grskovic

our perceptions of reality and memory are altered with the photographic collages by Randy Grskovic


This is no haphazard exercise in slice ‘n dice. Randy’s work is considered and meticulous, the photographic segments of geometric abstraction are rearranged, changing the context and reinventing a memory. Based in Vancouver, Randy remembers moving a bit growing up, and losing photographs in the process. “The memory has changed and so has the document,” he says, “The photograph as well as any other document is never an accurate depiction of truth.”

randy-grskovic7 randy-grskovic6 randy-grskovic5

His latest series, Distortions of the Past; Collaborations for the Future is a more personal reflection.

graphic-collage randy-grskovic4 randy-grskovic3 randy-grskovic2 randy-grskovic1

I have a suitcase full of old family photographs just like these…they take on a new and fresh appreciation when I see Randy’s work!

all images from Randy Grskovic, found via trendland

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