a simple DIY you CAN do

my youngest son really enjoys colouring-in & he keeps all his pencil crayons in a little suitcase…this is fine, except he’s constantly scratching around to find the right colour amongst all the other crayons…so this got me thinking of a really simple DIY project using tin cans which would be an environmentally savvy desk solution for my colour-loving lad…


you might have noticed on this blog that I’m a super-fan of Scandinavian style, and at home I will sometimes give objects, what I like to call, my Scandi-in-a-Can treatment: if it doesn’t move, spray it with white paint! So this simple, 2-step DIY is along those lines…


Step 1: choose 3 un-dented cans and give them a quick rub with fine sandpaper to remove any label glue and give the paint a good surface to adhere. I chose to paint the cans in white Plascon Velveglo which is a resilient polyurethane enamel that’s chip and stain resistant. They needed 3 coats of paint with drying time in between.3-DIY-paint-cans

Step 2: glue the cans together in a triangular shape and secure with elastic bands: this keeps the cans hugging each other tightly while the glue dries. I used a contact adhesive glue…4-DIY-glue-cans

and there you have it…it’s not rocket science, but the organiser in me enjoyed this practical little DIY to keep the clutter off the desk. I hope you like it to!5-DIY-neat-tidy

all photographs by Megan for Dressed By Style

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