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karoo trip part 2


After a beautiful winter day in Cape Town with the morning spent at the beach – albeit a bit chilly – I’m back to share more pics from our Karoo trip. With such a sparse landscape dotted with clusters of semi-desert plant life, the Karoo has the largest variety of succulents found anywhere on earth. Their beauty lies in their ability to hoard water in fat, sturdy leaves and will surprise you with vividly coloured flowers which might only last one day. We stayed in the Tankwa Karoo National Park during its wet, winter season when the tranquil landscape wears a mantle of fynbos green. But come spring, the desert-scape turns into a florid riot of colour. Its spring wardrobe is dazzling and utterly special. The rich bird life is a pleasure to see…find a quiet spot and you’ll be rewarded with¬†Malachite Sunbirds swooping and darting through the bushes in their vivacious outfits of emerald green.






Little Toktokkie beetles scurrying along in their shiny ebony armor…


A delicate Duiker grazing outside our cottage was a beautiful sight…


With no electricity and zero cellphone reception, the few days we spent in this part of the Karoo were peaceful, tranquil and spacious. The silence allows your thoughts to wander and your mind to drift, absorbing the beauty of the creation around you.


all images by Megan Smith

karoo trip part 1


so we took a few days off and traveled north towards the Karoo, probably one of the quietest and most serene parts of South Africa. There is quite literally nothing there…an arid, semi-desert landscape which extends as far as the eye can see, with the silhouette of the mountains in the distance. To get there, we took the Bain’s Kloof Pass, emerging in the town of Ceres. The pass, built by convicts and completed in 1853, is one of the most scenic and picturesque in South Africa. After a heavy rainfall, the Witte River was swirling with rapids and waterfalls, quite beautiful to see.¬† here’s a few pictures from the beginning of the trip:


Bain’s Kloof Pass, cut through by the Witte River


the twisting, scenic pass, cut into the rock by convict labour


a quirky road-trip stop, tucked away in the mountains outside Ceres, with the most delicious homemade lemonade

visit again tomorrow for the rest of our Karoo Trip…

all images by Megan Smith