the power of the mandrobe

The power of a good mandrobe is undeniable…and who can deny that statement over on Citymob‘s Men’s Fashion Fix? Here’s a selection of my top items still available on their Cool Dudes’ Style Guide…


Modern men know the power of a well-chosen wardrobe. My role as a personal stylist helps both men and women improve their dress sense and navigate the world of fashion with confidence. Today I’d like to share a few basic rules for building a timeless and complete wardrobe which every man should follow. Do you want to know what they are? Of course you do!

  1. Know Yourself –  dress right for your body type and get a proper fit.
  2. Get the Basics – collect classic pieces which are of good quality and well made.
  3. Coordinate – learn the clever tricks of matching with colour and pattern: your wardrobe will double with versatility.
  4. Accessorise – bridge the gender gap with well-chosen accessories which confidently pull a look together.
  5. Maintain your Wardrobe – store, dry-clean and care for your clothing properly…it’ll pay off later.
  6. Grooming – don’t forget this all-important rule…your face and hair are what people see first!

So chaps, that’s a few basic guidelines you should follow. Check out Citymob’s cool dudes definitive style guide for more inspiration.

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