Skinny laMinx & Pedersen + Lennard

I love getting news of a creative collaboration in my inbox. All the more so when it’s a cross-pollination of two of my favourite local designers. How inspiring!


Heather Moore of Skinny laMinx has teamed up with the furniture design duo of Pedersen + Lennard to reinvent two Skinny favourites – Herds and Duikers. Heather has given her iconic textiles a bold graphic look by printing them in a crisp black colourway. This monochromatic makeover certainly ticks my boxes – you know me and my fondness for all things monochrome!

P+L-chair2 skinnylaminx-p+l-2

Both Skinny laMinx and Pedersen + Lennard successfully fuse fresh Scandinavian style into their work, while still keeping true to their African roots. This creative collaboration takes shape with Heather’s Herds and Duikers prints on Pedersen + Lennard’s Skagen Armchair and iconic Bucket Stool. They view the collaboration as a natural meeting point of skills that pay homage to local creativity. The project also dovetails directly with Heather’s WDC2014 Cross Pollination theme.

“This year is an opportunity to focus on combining design aesthetic with local skill, creativity and knowledge and celebrate what is already here, while we have the world’s attention,” says Lennard.


I’m wonderfully optimistic about this creative merging of talent. Utterly inspired!

The Skagen Armchair and Bucket Stool are available for purchase from the Pedersen + Lennard showroom in the Woodstock Exchange and selected pieces from the Skinny laMinx shop in Bree Street, Cape Town.

images by Heather Moore

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