poetry in motion – Harper’s Bazaar

the most beautiful fashion editorial graces the pages of the April issue of Harper’s Bazaar – dancers of the Royal Ballet bring a fluid elegance to Spring fashion with this Poetry in Motion editorial, photographed by Tom Allen and styled by Cathy Kasterine. Please indulge my love of all things ballet and enjoy these graceful images with me…

harpers-bazaar-ballet-1 harpers-bazaar-ballet-2 harpers-bazaar-ballet-3 harpers-bazaar-ballet-4 harpers-bazaar-ballet-5 harpers-bazaar-ballet-6 harpers-bazaar-ballet-7 harpers-bazaar-ballet-8 harpers-bazaar-ballet-9 harpers-bazaar-ballet-10 harpers-bazaar-ballet-11 harpers-bazaar-ballet-12 harpers-bazaar-ballet-13 harpers-bazaar-ballet-14

images from Harpers Bazaar

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