totally modern elegance

How do you feel about charcoal black walls? And stripes on the ceiling? J.Crew creative director Jenna Lyons creates unexpected contrasts in her luxurious yet playful apartment. Superbly elegant with unusual touches here and there, this home manages to be totally modern and still classically timeless.

jenna-lyons-apartment-1 jenna-lyons-apartment-2 jenna-lyons-apartment-3 jenna-lyons-apartment-4 jenna-lyons-apartment-5 jenna-lyons-apartment-8 jenna-lyons-apartment-6 jenna-lyons-apartment-7

images via Domino photographs by Melanie Acevedo

One thought on “totally modern elegance

  1. Lisa

    I remember when I first saw this, was totally blown away by the colour scheme and the kids room, so inspiring!


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