Lo – autumn/winter 2014


Love the new lookbook from Lo – the autumn/winter 2014 collection is powerful and athletic with a strong tribal feel. So what kind of woman would race towards this range? Designer Elzanne Louw lets us know what makes this collection special:

“This really is a collection for active woman, not just in a sporty sense but in a lifestyle sense. I’m talking about busy girls with careers and families and friends who are constantly having gatherings. This range is practical, elegant and easy to care for. It will carry you through the cold months with grace and most likely be in your wardrobe for a few seasons to come.”


Practical while still maintaining the elegance factor really ticks my wardrobe boxes. I absolutely love the introduction of wax print fabrics in the structured yet casual jacket above. And this LBD is adorable…

lo-winter2014-8lo-winter2014-1 lo-winter2014-3 lo-winter2014-5 lo-winter2014-6 lo-winter2014-7 lo-winter2014-9 lo-winter2014-10

photographer – Gareth Hubbard | stylist – Elzanne Louw

Photographer: Gareth Hubbard

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