Still Life – a Cape Town retreat

Quite a number of years ago – in the late nineties – when I lived in Kwa-Zulu Natal and worked as a textile designer, one of my favourite places of inspiration was the luxe Cécile and Boyd décor shop just up from our studio on the fashionable Florida road. It was a sanctuary of style, a haven of luxurious elegance. A real fabulous icon on the Durban décor scene. I think my love for interior styling was nurtured in that décor shop, where an intentional tableau of beautiful objects was arranged wherever your eye rested. Inspirational still life vignettes of great taste personified.

So it felt quite nostalgic when I saw a recent article on Visi sharing the home of Boyd Ferguson, the co-founder and creative director of Cécile and Boyd. What began as lifestyle store, Cécile and Boyd has grown to embrace interior design, architectural concepts, creative direction and visioning. Boyd’s home in Cape Town is a quiet representation of the luxe brand he’s associated with. Let’s start the weekend off with a tour of this understated yet superbly stylish retreat…


Boyd reflects, “My work is so much about celebrating the lush of luxe that I need a neutral, restorative space to retreat to. My home is my refuge. It’s also my laboratory. This is where I exercise my mind, body and soul, and also where I find quiet.”

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read the article on Visi | images via Visi

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