mid-century modern Swedish inspiration

Let’s indulge our love of mid-century modern, shall we? How about a little Scandinavian style thrown in? Are you ready?


Fantastic Frank does it once again, but this time there’s no temptation because the Swedish apartment you’re going to tour is sold already. But it’s so beautiful that I had to share it.

 image-5 image-7

I suddenly have a hankering for a forest scene on the wall with deer, and brightly coloured birds in gilded cages! Let’s see what the rest of the apartment looks like…

image-6 image-8 image-9 image-10 image-11 image-12 image-13

I’ve noticed this children’s bedroom configuration in quite a few Nordic homes and I love it. Two single beds placed lengthways down the side of a room maximises the size of the space and allows more place to play. Then soft buttoned headboards to finish it off. Fab.

image-14 image-15 image-16 image-17 image-18 image-20

images Fantastic Frank


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