a colourful cosy family retreat – Denmark


This modern colourful home in Denmark, built in 1937, used to house a printing firm. Now it is home to Carolina, Patrik, their 3 children…and their 10 rabbits. Using colour in an inspiring way, this family have respected the heritage of the home but updated the décor to suit their personalities and lifestyle.

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how do you feel about such bold use of colour? Is it your cup of tea?

Home-owner Carolina shares her tips for incorporating colour into the home:

Colours emphasizes your décor style, so don’t be afraid to use them.

  • Paint your wall or ceiling. It just takes a few hours and has a great effect.
  • Mark zones in your house with colours. Our turquoise floor in the kitchen demarcates the space and signals play and joy.
  • Experiment with colours. Flea market bargains can be given new life by painting them.

images from Bolig | photography by Iben Kaufmann  

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