Rue July issue – the international edition

This month, the international edition of Rue Magazine takes you on a journey with inspiration on every page. My love for both Scandinavian and South African inspired décor is totally fulfilled in this issue because two of the featured homes are from these two parts of the world. The first is an apartment belonging to Emma, a teacher in Sweden, who cherishes her inherited heirlooms and credits her passion for décor to her grandmother. I love the reminders of the past in this contemporary setting.

rue-july-6 rue-july-7 rue-july-8 rue-july-9

Now take a look at a family home – much closer to my home in South Africa – where love and peaceful calmness resonates in every room. A part of me would love to live in the Karoo countryside – the calm expanse and stillness of the surroundings must be wonderfully restorative like soothing balm on dry skin. The family that lives on this Little Karoo farm chose to escape the rat race of city life and opted instead for the country life…

rue-july-2 rue-july-1 rue-july-4 rue-july-3

I think, for me,  the appeal of both of these homes – despite their geographical disparity – is the personal touch and unique point of view that is so evident. And isn’t that what makes a home, a home?

there are more beautiful homes to explore in this July issue of RUE.

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