Amsterdam – Anthropologie style

My dear friend and her hubby are jetting off to Amsterdam this week – sans children – for some culture-soaking R&R time. I’m so excited for her! It’s a city I’d love to visit one day.* Historic yet modern, cultural and intellectual. All those bicycles! And traversing Amsterdam by fiets is really the only way to explore this¬†charming city known for its complex network of streets and picturesque canals.



One of my other faves – also beginning with an A – recently visited Amsterdam: Anthropologie. Their August lookbook explores the scenic beauty of this canal-etched storybook city. Think windmills, clogs, tulips and Dutch blue as pure inspiration for a special lookbook. Take a look at some of my favourite pieces…

 anthropologie-august-1 anthropologie-august-2 anthropologie-august-3 anthropologie-august-4 anthropologie-august-6 anthropologie-august-5 anthropologie-august-7

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*So I say I’ve never visited Amsterdam. Well, that’s not strictly true. Several years ago, on the way home from a European holiday, my husband and I flew through Schiphol airport. We arrived late, around midnight, but since our flight home was only the next morning we decided to catch up on some sleep at the hotel near the airport. My husband said, “We’re in Amsterdam! Let’s skip the sleeping and take a taxi into town for a few hours of exploring instead!” This was now around 1am. I was exhausted and the hotel bed was so comfortable – it had the best duvet, you know those super fluffy feather ones? So I vetoed that exploring idea in favour of a some duvet time. We had the best sleep, but missed out on discovering the city. I hope to get back one day…with more energy!

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