365 Paintings for Ants

I was really quite touched by the miniature paintings by Lorraine Loots, capturing everyday life over the course of one year. 365 Postcards for Ants is the second phase of a project that Lorraine began on 1 January 2013. She created a miniature painting every day for the whole of 2013.  The video I’ve shared below poignantly shares how the fixed end-date of the project would hold mixed feelings for Lorraine – that joyful anticipation of finishing a project alongside that melancholic anticlimax that comes with… finishing a project.

Something that struck me about these teeny-weeny paintings was the beauty of the small. I used to paint, quite a bit actually. Mostly large scale paintings. But somehow with the busyness of family life and juggling what felt like a million balls in a day, over the years I’ve shrank back from painting more and more. I guess the thought of tackling a giant blank canvas holds a feeling of trepidation for my 50 things to do before I pick up the kids brain. Can you relate?

So Lorraine’s diminutive paintings struck a chord within me. The authority of their littleness redefined my thought process. Things don’t need to be prominent to pack a punch. In this world of larger than life and bigger is best, Lorraine Loots creates strength from the small, amplified and magnified in a special and subtle way.


So in celebration of our city’s appointment as World Design Capital 2014, Lorraine decided to take on another year – yay – however, this time all the paintings are Cape Town themed. So I’ve chosen just 6 paintings which resonate with me from this month of September to share. But, quite frankly, the beauty is endless. I implore you to visit Lorraine’s tumblr site for more.

lorraine-loots--365--1lorraine-loots--365--3 lorraine-loots--365--4 lorraine-loots--365--5 lorraine-loots--365--6

I think it’s time to brush off my painting kit.

2 thoughts on “365 Paintings for Ants

  1. Susan

    I’ve bought a couple, including the Madiba one she painted on my birthday this year. She’s an incredible talent. I’ve enjoyed watching her Instagram follower numbers go up, and up, and UP! Inspiring many people to dust off their paint brushes. x

    1. Megan Post author

      oh that’s very special Susan! I would love to get one of her works. I am particularly smitten with her botanical miniatures. xx


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