September + South = Spring!

Have you heard? It’s finally spring in the southern hemisphere! Our winter was dismal. Too much rain, too much cold and not enough rainbows to make it all better. I know you Northern Hemispherians would laugh at the lack of severity of a Cape Town winter, but for us, it was bad. So I’m ready for a little springtime inspiration. Today we visit the land down under for their latest springtime collection, just in the nick of time for this beautiful sunny weather we’re having. Take a look at my favourites from the Country Road spring 2014 collection.

This season heralds the return to voluminous silhouette. While tailoring may borrow from a man-style aesthetic, powder pink and brush stroke prints add an all-important feminine sensibility. Welcome to spring.

country-road-s14-woman-casual country-road-s14-woman-2 country-road-s14-woman-3 country-road-s14-woman-4 country-road-s14-woman-5


Now, I bet you’re wondering what’s in store for the rest of the family? My favourites from the man, children and home collections are coming right up after the jump…

country-road-s14-men country-road-s14-men-casual country-road-s14-boys country-road-s14-girls country-road-s14-baby country-road-s14-home

I’m definitely ready for spring now!

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