DIY leather bookmarks


After a busy year, I’m keeping this DIY super simple. It will make the perfect teacher gift or a handmade present for a fellow bibliophile. My son has his annual Market Day at school tomorrow – all items have to be home made, which I quite like. It’s a nice antidote to this digital age of plastic and technology. So we came up with an inexpensive idea for one of his items to make and sell, involving a bag of leather offcuts I bought from Woodheads Leather Merchants. Their bargain bins are filled with offcuts that you buy per weight. Rummaging through, we found the perfect inspiration for his Market Day item – rectangles of soft leather in colourful sorbet shades. Then we chose different coloured leather thong, sold per metre, and a roll of neon orange waxed cotton thread.


We ‘bookmark’ aplenty on the computer. Now it’s time to bookmark your books for real. Continue reading to see how easy it is to make these leather bookmarks…


you’ll need

  • rectangles of soft leather
  • a leather punch tool
  • eyelets
  • an eyelet/grommet tool
  • leather thong in various colours
  • waxed cotton thread


Make a hole top and centre on the leather with the leather hole punch. Fit an eyelet into the hole and fasten it using the eyelet setter tool.


Cut strips of leather thong and the waxed cotton to lengths of about 20cm. Double it up and thread through the ‘right’ way of the eyelet.


Thread the ends through the loop in the thong/cotton and pull to tighten.


Hey presto. In a matter of minutes you’ll have a pretty stack of handmade leather bookmarks to give to friends and family. Who doesn’t love a home made present?! It’s an easy DIY – my son helped me to make his bookmarks for his Market Day. Even Kipper got involved.


all photography by Megan Smith

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