Jaipur and street life


It feels like yesterday that I was in Jaipur, a city of exotic beauty, abundant in cultural contrasts. I would dearly love to make it back there soon, hopefully this year. I felt like there is so much more for me to explore, experience and be inspired by. Although we didn’t do too many market visits – we were specifically taking part in workshops with textile artisans – I did get to wonder around the streets of the Old City a little bit. Colour, shapes, textures and patterns. Let me show you what caught my eye…

jaipur-streets-9 jaipur-streets-5 jaipur-streets-8 jaipur-streets-4 jaipur-streets-7 jaipur-streets-17 jaipur-streets-1 jaipur-streets-16 jaipur-streets-15 jaipur-streets-14 jaipur-streets-13 jaipur-streets-12jaipur-streets-10jaipur-streets-2 jaipur-streets-18

all photography by Megan Smith

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