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Let’s tone things down a little. After all, it’s Monday, and we might be needing something serene to begin a new week. English photographer Georgina Skinner takes the most beautifully muted shots and creates prints that have a gentle, translucent quality to them. I was initially captured by her Beach Daze series. Ordinarily, the nature of a beach view is quite brightly saturated and almost over-exposed. But Georgina’s beach series have a misty, faded feel to them. As if you’re contemplating the vista through diaphanous, gauzy fabric.



After a recent move to New Zealand, Georgina has opened up her new webshop Print By George. Take a look at the beautiful scenery that Georgina captures on her travels via her site.

2 thoughts on “Print By George – photography

    1. Megan Post author

      Estie, aren’t they just! I was thinking about our conversation the other day…a Cape Town ‘softly misty’ series would be beautiful!


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