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My son was grumbling that it’s high time we went on holiday again. I told him that we live in Cape Town…everyday is a holiday. But no, that didn’t cut it. As any parent will know, travelling with children is not always easy. We’re not the kind of family that enjoys going to “kid friendly” resorts, where there’s a jungle gym around every corner and fish fingers on the menu. I view travel as an education, a way of broadening our horizons and learning about new cultures. I love introducing my children to different foods, foreign languages and new customs. One of the most gratifying ways is to steer clear of the tourist hotel beat and stay in real homes next door to real locals who know where the best coffee is to be found. Living at the southern-most tip of Africa makes international travel a little less accessible, so we aren’t able to explore our globe as much as we’d like to. But if you are planning a trip with your little ones, you might want to click over to Kid and Coe, the kid friendly family vacations site with a whole lot of style and not a fish finger in sight. Here are a few of my wish list destinations…


kidandcoe-berlin1 kidandcoe-berlin2


kidandcoe-copenhagen1 kidandcoe-copenhagen2




kidandcoe-tuscany1 kidandcoe-tuscany3 kidandcoe-tuscany2

Greek Islands

kidandcoe-greece1 kidandcoe-greece2

Happy travels!

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