Toast – Spring lookbook


With fires raging across our beautiful Southern Cape Peninsula and the mountainside next to our home blanketed in smoke, it’s difficult concentrating on anything other than the sound of the sirens from emergency vehicles and the vibration overhead of passing helicopters carrying water to the affected areas. We can only hope that the firefighters can get this relentless blaze under control soon.

But…breathe…let’s take a break from reality and escape to the gorgeous Greek island of Symi with the Early Spring lookbook from UK brand Toast. The picture perfect pastel island is softly shaded in tints of ochre, umber, and peach, lined by cypress forests thick with wild oregano and sage. I’m totally in love with these images…both from their casual easy sense of style and the breathtaking scenery of an island I could dream about.

toast-spring-9 toast-spring-8 toast-spring-12 toast-spring-10

pretty gorgeous, right? read on for more Greek island escapism…

toast-spring-6 toast-spring-4 toast-spring-3 toast-spring-1 toast-spring-5 toast-spring-13 toast-spring-11 toast-spring-7 toast-spring-14


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