step inside a Boho-Chic New York Brownstone


The casual Brooklyn home of author and journalist Julia Chaplin embraces New York chic and West Coast boho. A gypsy treasure trove of collected textiles and furnishings carefully selected over the years makes Julia’s home a sanctuary with style. Julia describes her modus operandi as gypset – literally meaning a gypsy, jet-set, semi-nomadic, bohemian approach to life. “It’s an identity search fusing my hippie upbringing with the life I have created in the city,” says this wandering writer.


When you travel a lot, you want the home to be a place that’s relaxing and restful, where you can make sense of everything you’ve seen. It’s hard to relax if your eye is called to think too often.


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Clearly, Julia adores textiles. Her collection of Berber blankets from Morocco were cut up and sewn into pillows, creating a colourful simplicity, while handmade pieces around her home are loved for their imperfections and unfussy nature. “I buy textiles because I like them,” Julia says. “I don’t think about where they are going to fit in my house.”  The rich earth tones and saturated pinks create a unique palette. “It’s a type of colour-blocking that comes from the middle of nowhere.”



Travelling constantly for work, she needs her home to be her sanctuary. This serenity is the perfect backdrop for her unique global outlook where travel and comfort merge.

“It’s incredibly zen and quiet, a place where I can think and process all the stuff I’ve picked up running around the world. Nothing is jarring, loud, or too distracting.”

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