simple & chic open closet solutions


Recently I was oohing and aahing over this feminine Swedish apartment. I’m devoted to the idea of a simple open wardrobe rail – it kind of makes me feel that I’m shopping everyday in a curated clothing store with all my favourite pieces on display. They’re also perfect if you’re in a rented home with too little closet space, or on a budget and keen for some DIY. So here’s a round-up of some simple open wardrobe solutions that caught my eye. Keep it simple and keep it tidy, people! Have a great day. x

why not showcase your shoe collection on a few rows of re-purposed towel rails in your walk-in closet?



his and hers rail space keeps your wardrobe looking sharp


super simple DIY for a slick Monday to Friday hanging wardrobe solution.


for the lady with a whole lot of pretty things – organised and accessible


go natural with a sculptural piece of wood to display your wardrobe


no hangers required with an ├╝ber simple hanging solution using butcher hooks


a streamlined metal shop rail can live happily in an open-plan space


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