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How do we feel about black leather pants?


When I was in my early twenties, and not earning very much, I bought a pair of black leather pants – faux of course, since I couldn’t possibly afford the real thing. Every time I wore those pants I felt super edgy and impossibly cool. Because that’s the point of black leather pants, right? They make you feel like you are a ballsy rock star or a chic Milanese fashion designer, depending on your mood. I wore those pants to death. Yes, to death. It got to a point where my faux leather pants were beyond redemption and circling the drain. Unwearable but forever in my good times memory bank.


Jump forward a bit to my late thirties and it dawned on me how much I missed those foxy pants. Although black leather pants never really went off the fashion radar, they have recently made a cool comeback – with a twist. Think less Olivia Newton-John in her skin-tight Grease get-up and more Scarlett Johansson in her kick-butt Black Widow outfit in The Avengers. You do not need to be sewn into the modern leather pants. Phew for that. They’ve been given a contemporary shape that is way more sporty than sexy. They are still sexy, but in a more subtle and empowering style.


I think every wardrobe needs a perfect pair of leather pants. They’re a chic, sleek investment item that will be the centrepiece of any modern look and the cornerstone of classic style. You can pare them back with sneakers and a tee for a casual look, or vamp them up with statement heels and an amazing jacket for an evening out. And don’t despair if your budget doesn’t stretch to the real thing. There are plenty of faux options that will still rock your world.


So back to my leather pants obsession. I found the perfect pair at Trenery this season. The softest, buttery Italian leather in a matt black finish and an easy to wear cut. So far they’ve rocked the casual sneakers combo and the more sophisticated styling with heels. I’m back to that feeling I had in my twenties, but I’m all grown up!


Here’s a shopping list to help you find your perfect pair of leather pants:


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