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Apartment Inspiration

Fabulous Friday at last and I think we’ll end the week off with some serious interior eye candy! This Russian apartment is sublime…


Every nuance and characteristic of this Saint Petersburg apartment reflects the stylistic decision to reinterpret Scandinavian tradition in a modern way. The neutral pastel colours – soft blue, pearl grey, coral – create an atmosphere that is warm and relaxed while still keeping things simple and defined. But did you realise that these images are architectural renderings by the firm INT2 and not in fact the real thing? Talk about attention to detail. 105m² of attention to detail!

int2architecture-MA27 int2architecture-MA22 int2architecture-MA23 int2architecture-MA216

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past meets the present – Whiting Architects

As much as I love a sleek contemporary interior, some modern homes take the sharp lines and minimalism a touch too far. What could be fresh and structured becomes austere and aloof. I recently came across the work by Whiting Architects, an architecture and interiors design practice based in Melbourne Australia, and knew I had found a team who strike the perfect balance between the crisp style of modernism and the gentle warmth of the past. Their project in Park Street epitomises this architectural marriage, complementing the old with the new.

park-whiting-architects park-whiting-architects-6 park-whiting-architects-5 park-whiting-architects-3 park-whiting-architects-12 park-whiting-architects-11 park-whiting-architects-8

photography by Sharyn Cairns | all images used with kind permission of Whiting Architects

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