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a sustainable Spanish stable home

Do you know how Monday sneaks up on you and yells, “ARGH!” right in your ear? Yes, you could say that today was a rather busy start to the week. Time to unwind and dream of the most perfectly peaceful place to gather your thoughts and pretend it is still the weekend…


I would say that this abandoned stable, now transformed into an idyllic family home in the Spanish province of Cáceres, might just do the trick. The goal of this respectful renovation by architectural firm Abaton was to renew the building giving due consideration to the history and the environment surrounding the location. Sustainable solutions to the electricity and water supply issues were installed – a solar panel system with storage batteries to provide energy in the summer, and turbines supply electricity in winter by harnessing the water power available from the two streams that flow through the estate. A really beautifully gentle transformation from rustic stable to secluded retreat.

abaton-spanish-home-13 abaton-spanish-home-12 abaton-spanish-home-3 abaton-spanish-home-2

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travel – a villa in Mykonos


Shall we take a trip to the idyllic island of Mykonos? Let’s visit a white Aegean paradise nestled in a blue box, where sea and serenity are the order of the day. British couple Katie and Jonny Friedman appealed to South African architect Jayne Wunder to create twin whitewashed villas with the idea of having “nothing else to think about other than enjoying the dramatic view, without sacrificing comfort.”

The result is a sun-drenched villa in Mykonos, cool without the traditional architectural clichés, and decorated with simplicity. Paradise personified. My bags are packed!

chambre-moustiquairessalle-a-manger-blanc salle-de-bains-blanc

A sense of serenity decorates the living room with a large white sofa and watercolours by South African artist Gabrielle Raaf.

salon-blanc-banquette-couss mescalier-blanc-mykonos chapelle-piscine-banquette cuisine-blanche-mykonos bibliotheque-canape-blanc vue-egee-mer-sofa-terrasse

image credits Marie Claire Maison