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bike it or not

so it’s that time of the year again for me…the time when I join thousands of like-minded (read: crazy) people and pedal around the coastline of Cape Town for hours on end, kilometre after kilometre, desperately hoping for the finish line to come into sight. The Cape Argus Cycle Tour is on Sunday and I wonder every year why on earth I’m putting myself through 109km of a numb bum. But then I finish and I’m very proud of myself for pedalling all that way. And actually, Cape Town is pretty darn gorgeous, so the scenery is always sensational. So although I will look nothing like these street chic bicyclists on Sunday, I’m going to try and stay inspired…

bicycle-1 bicycle-2 bicycle-3

all images by The Sartorialist

bicycle paintings from Brooklyn: Taliah Lempert


did you have a good weekend? the skies have been blue in Cape Town and the weather warm…I know winter is just around the corner, but I just can’t help soaking up the sun and imagining that the springtime I left behind in New York has followed me home. We visited the Brooklyn Flea on my last day in NYC, and I really loved the relaxed atmosphere and friendly vendors at the market. Being a bicycle-lover, the work of artist Taliah Lempert caught my eye…her bicycle paintings are so cool and I can kick myself for not buying one of her stacked bicycle prints in my favourite monochromatic palette of black/white! I did buy a selection of her postcards, however, each with a print of one of her bicycle paintings. They look really good on my inspiration board in my studio…so bright and bold.



Taliah also has her bicycle designs printed onto fabric…




the one that got away…


all images my own, except the last 2 which are from Taliah’s site.