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Burberry Prorsum Fall 2013

I just can’t deny it…Burberry makes my heart beat a little bit faster. But Christopher Bailey’s Fall 2013 collection for Burberry Prorsum has my heart racing. Calling his new collection Trench Kisses, his choice of muse was Christine Keeler, the showgirl whose canoodling with English politicians and Russian spies almost brought down the British government in the early sixties. Showy yet sophisticated…and don’t forget that sexy spy element! burberry-prorsum-fall-2013burberry-prorsum3-fall-2013burberry-prorsum2-fall-2013

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Burberry Prorsum: Resort 2012

Blown away by this collection designed by Christopher Bailey for Burberry. In keeping with Burberry tradition, it’s stylishly conservative, but managing to be boldly original at the same time. Bailey celebrates a homespun, artisanal craftsmanship in the decoration of the pieces and those vibrant pops of chrome yellow, azure and emerald really take Resort 2012 to another level of playful. And please notice and admire the use of our own African Shwe-Shwe prints, cleverly and boldly incorporated throughout the collection!

Burberry Prorsum1Burberry Prorsum2Burberry Prorsum3Burberry Prorsum4Burberry Prorsum5Burberry Prorsum6Burberry Prorsum7

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