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Est Magazine – going green

I’m dragging myself away from Jaipur for a little bit and heading down under for a gorgeously green feature I saw in the Garden issue of the Australian Est Magazine. House plants took a back seat for quite a while – not sure why – but they’re back with a leafy vengeance. This issue celebrates the renewal of the green trend and reminds us of the reasons why we love inside greenery.


My mom was a keen and capable gardener –  not sure that I received that gene – and our garden was always a wonderfully lush planty paradise. Lacking her ability, I generally try to keep things simple and indigenous when it comes to our garden. There’s less chance of plants going pear-shaped if their ancient propagating urges are allowed to prosper in their natural habitat.

Inside, I quite like the creative energy that plants bring. Their beauty and structure share a sense of life that furniture and accessories lack. There’s great inspiration on the web for re-purposing everyday containers into creative plant holders. Take a look at my Pinterest board GREENhouse to see what’s caught my eye.

As a child of the seventies, I grew up with hanging plants neatly tucked in their macramé nests. I’ve noticed that those have made a stylish comeback too. Not too long ago, I shared a DIY of a more modern version of the seventies-era macramé delights, just with less tassels. I’m also a fan of the hanging gardens from Opus. I can watch my delicious monster turning lazily in the breeze for hours.

And let’s not forget the wonderful process of photosynthesis. More plants = more oxygen. It’s a no-brainer, really. Take some inspiration from this Garden issue of Est Magazine and head off to your nearest garden store and green up your space.

est-issue-16-green-3 est-issue-16-green-1

images by Caroline Davis for Est Magazine