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stylish sustainable Swedish student housing

A far cry from the digs accommodation I remember from my student days, this incredibly cool student housing in Sweden – where else – is not only stylish but it’s environmentally sustainable too. Named after the shining circle around the sun, HALO runs on renewable energy from the sun. Staying true to Scandinavian aesthetics, the accommodation focuses on the use of wood, both for construction and surface finishes.

halo-1 halo-6

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5 DIY tote bags you’ll totally want

Where would we be without tote bags, the universal carry all? Easy on the eye, practical and long-suffering, the tote lives up to its name. It totes without complaint. I love my totes, especially as we go into the warmer summer months when I grab a tote instead of a handbag. It just seems more carefree and casual, perfectly suited to beach days, market days, park days, book days, and any other days in between.

I’ve rounded up 5 of my favourite DIY tote bags. Just click on the links to see the full DIY tutorials.

1. This clever camera embroidery tote bag is just gorgeous. It does require a sewing machine and a little time, but I think it’s totally worth it:



2. I love this farmers market tote –  practical, personal and not too tough to make:



3. I reckon this toilet roll tube tote (not sure that is an appropriate name for it, but hey) is the cleverest and easiest way to print a really cool pattern with minimal materials. I’m definitely going to give it a try!



4. A beautiful and stylish leather bag tote is a step up from the usual fabric tote bag and I think it’s just gorgeous! I love the simplicity and I’m quite keen to use a piece of leather I have in the cupboard to make this one day:



5. And the last one is not really a tote but it was too cute not to include. The tassel basket would be great for the beach or market with its flamboyant colourful tassels that catch the breeze like like flags.


So that’s a little round-up of 5 great DIY tote bags to get you in the mood for summer. See you soon!