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Kirsten Goss geo-grafik

The latest collection from jeweller Kirsten Goss is a love affair between geometry & precious metal, a seductive merge of shape & substance.


Inspired by a hash of graphic digital prints and defined by a series of clean, geometric lines, with heavy emphasis on the transaction between positive and negative space, the geo-grafik collection has a confident industrial feel. There is an urban quality to the textured metal, but the refined polished details and light weight ensure that the feminine and intrinsically Scandinavian influence is not lost.


Conceptually gorgeous & refreshingly uncomplicated, this collection is eye-catching in its simplicity, making a bold & powerful statement.


Kirsten Goss will be showing in Cape Town from 5-7 March at Merchants on Long, 34 Long Street. Visit KG for her international show dates, which include New York, London and San Francisco.

collect a coin

I was sorting through my office drawers recently and came across a small, long-forgotten bag of old coins. This discovery tied in very nicely with an email I received from Cape Town based jewellery designer Julie Roberts of Collect Jewellery. Their latest Vintage Coin Collection is inspired by the movement away from disposable fashion purchases and instead cultivates a love for owning keepsake pieces which you’ll cherish and pass down to future generations.


These heirloom-style pieces are unique, enduring and well crafted: the rare and beautiful
antique coins are set in sterling silver frames hanging on ‘pocket watch’ style silver chains. The coins tell a personal tale of travel and heritage, and you can just imagine the journey a single coin has made…


You can also bring in your own coin for setting, which is exactly what I might do with one of my recent coin discoveries.


for more info visit