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DIY wax print bunting banner


Friday at long last! It’s been a hot, busy week – the boys are settling in to their new classes with new teachers and I’m trying to remember what time to fetch each of them on different days. The first few weeks are always a bit manic until we get into the school rhythm.


After a week of wax print inspiration here, I have a little African wax print inspired DIY for you today. What to do with a pile of fabric scraps that are too small to make anything with? Get out your scissors and make colourful, bold bunting flags!


step 1 – make a triangular paper template – I made mine with a 20cm base length and about 25cm side lengths.


step 2 – place the template carefully and invert the template to maximise how many triangles you get from your scraps.


step 3 – use pinking shears to cut out the flags – a sneaky trick to reduce how much stitching you have to do because it creates a non-fray zigzag edge.


step 4 – I used a 5m length of pretty Petersham ribbon from Ebony and Ivory. I wanted a long bunting banner, so I joined 2 lengths of ribbon in different colours to create a 10m banner.


step 5 – using a sewing machine, stitch the individual flags onto the ribbon at about 15cm intervals, leaving enough ribbon at the beginning and end of the banner to tie it up.


step 6 – find a sturdy stepladder and hang up the bunting banner for fun, patterned party décor. My bunting banner is outside, so the wind flips the flags around and twists the ribbon – but I guess that’s okay!


Give this a try using a variety of prints and patterns, and do let me know. Have a great weekend.

all photography by Megan Smith for Dressed By Style ©

at home – Rhenda Allan of iKhaya


welcome to 2014! I’m still on holiday but I couldn’t resist sharing this cool house from my old home town, Durban, featured in the latest issue of House and Leisure magazine. Clean design with an understated fresh appeal – the home of Durban creative Rhenda Allan of iKhaya online store really caught my eye. Why? Well, this year I’d like to give a few areas of my home a little freshening up and this beautifully inspiring feature home in the January issue speaks to me in a clear, contemporary voice.

My own interior style generally leans towards the modern with a strong inclination towards Mid-Century and Art Deco period pieces. The clean, coolness of this Durban interior has loads of appeal and has given me just the right amount of inspiration to inject our home with its own concoction of coolness. So enjoy this creative space alongside the last of my white Iceberg roses in a new ceramic vase from The Space.










What do you think? Do you love the mostly grey palette with accents of blonde wood? Do you think that the streamlined, statement furniture gives this neutral interior an edgy appeal?

all photography by Megan Smith for Dressed By Style©