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Rue Magazine – the Small Spaces issue

When it comes to inner city living, spacious is not a word you’ll often use to describe a typical apartment. You’re probably likely to hear the more flattering compact, petite or even bijou to describe what is basically a cramped and pocket-sized box. It takes a great deal of creativity and skill to design and decorate a small space which is both functional and uncluttered. My first apartment was a teeny tiny (or should I say, bijou? ) studio flat where the bedroom was part of the lounge which was part of the entrance, with a petite bathroom and an even more compact kitchen – are you getting the picture? But it was mine, and I loved it!


The latest issue of Rue Magazine is just out and it celebrates a beautiful collection of small spaces with savvy style. Bigger is not always necessarily better. Although fewer square metres may feel like a potentially chaotic conundrum, take some gorgeous inspiration from these apartments which maximise their metres. In all of these spaces, less is so very much more


Emily Johnston curates her travels and trips in this tiny East Village apartment in New York City. Emily tries to be thoughtful about what what she displays and chooses to look at everyday.

rue-magazine-february-10 rue-magazine-february-11rue-magazine-february-9

Dru Ortega’s Long Island City apartment is a considered blend of style and functionality. He has sound advice for building an art collection in a smaller space. Dru believes that if you love a piece so much that you can’t stop thinking about it, then it’s meant to be in your home. I can’t argue with that.

rue-magazine-february-1 rue-magazine-february-2

and now my personal favourite…continue reading to see what it could be!

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how do you like the latest issue of Rue?

I loved these stylish picks by the editors…the mint, the metallics and the monochromatics were my favourites…

There’s nothing better than ‘real’ homes decorated by ‘real’ people. These spaces with personal touches caught my eye…

and how about a clever little DIY to add that personal touch to a simple t-shirt…

to click over to view the latest Rue for tons more inspirational eye-candy.