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past present stationery


Everybody needs a little stationery in their life, right? recently I discovered a new local stationery company whose cards and notebooks are just up my street…


Past Present hand crafts simple products which are sure to bring a smile to your face with their quirky, colourful and playful designs. But they’re not just a pretty face, Past Present stationery takes special attention with the materials they choose and each item is made with care. Their motto? “If you design what you love, others will love it too.” Sounds like a stationery winner to me. You’ll find their stationery over at Hello Pretty and We Heart This.


a simple DIY you CAN do

my youngest son really enjoys colouring-in & he keeps all his pencil crayons in a little suitcase…this is fine, except he’s constantly scratching around to find the right colour amongst all the other crayons…so this got me thinking of a really simple DIY project using tin cans which would be an environmentally savvy desk solution for my colour-loving lad…


you might have noticed on this blog that I’m a super-fan of Scandinavian style, and at home I will sometimes give objects, what I like to call, my Scandi-in-a-Can treatment: if it doesn’t move, spray it with white paint! So this simple, 2-step DIY is along those lines…


Step 1: choose 3 un-dented cans and give them a quick rub with fine sandpaper to remove any label glue and give the paint a good surface to adhere. I chose to paint the cans in white Plascon Velveglo which is a resilient polyurethane enamel that’s chip and stain resistant. They needed 3 coats of paint with drying time in between.3-DIY-paint-cans

Step 2: glue the cans together in a triangular shape and secure with elastic bands: this keeps the cans hugging each other tightly while the glue dries. I used a contact adhesive glue…4-DIY-glue-cans

and there you have it…it’s not rocket science, but the organiser in me enjoyed this practical little DIY to keep the clutter off the desk. I hope you like it to!5-DIY-neat-tidy

all photographs by Megan for Dressed By Style