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the seduction of styling – Fantastic Frank

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Fantastic Frank – the real estate agency based in Stockholm and Berlin – are masters in the seduction of styling an apartment for potential owners. They hire photographers and stylists to make their listed homes look stylishly inviting and give me the ultimate apartment envy. Not only can Fantastic Frank convince anyone to want to move to Stockholm – and now Berlin too – but they take artfully rumpled bed linen to a whole new level.  I just can’t get enough of their picture perfect spaces and here’s another beautiful example of a Swedish apartment on their site that I could be tempted to move right in to. I love the concrete surfaces in the kitchen, and the soft dove grey and bronze shades throughout are really appealing.

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3 steps to style – décor anthologies

Collections of objects in the home can go either way. Intentionally displayed pieces in a home can not only be beautiful but also enlightening about the people that live there. But if you’re the kind of irrepressible magpie that has a cache of collections in every cupboard or on on every available surface, then listen up! I’ve been busy de-cluttering our house lately and although I’m not guilty of being a bric-a-brac bandit, I’m still amazed at the random things I’ve kept over the years. It’s quite exhilarating making space in cupboards though, isn’t it?

I love creating interior vignettes by styling attractive objects or collected items around our home, so today I’m going to share 3 steps to style that help us to be intentional about our décor anthologies rather than haphazard and cluttered.


image by Nicole Franzen

3 steps to style:

1. Choose an appropriate cabinet or display area – remember that a glass-fronted cabinet keeps the dust out, so this is a great option. If you’re displaying your treasures on a table, then make sure it’s not in the crash zone of the children’s ball game.


via Decor8

2. Group by colour – creating a theme and linking your pieces together gives your vignette a sense of unity. Think about the mood you want to create – perhaps it’s vintage, modern or natural – and group objects together which complement that theme.


via Apartment Therapy


left via Laura Seppanen | right via Design Fixation

3. Putting it together – think about how you place objects next to each other. Put larger pieces at the back and let the smaller pieces take the front row. Different heights create added interest and also contrast


via Huslig Heter


via Apartment Therapy

So, 3 easy steps to follow if you’re styling your favourite things at home. Remember to only have items on display that you really love. And if you have too many pieces that you really love – yes, that’s me – then pack some of them away for another day. Rotating your treasures is a great way to keep your displays fresh. Make your vignettes thoughtful and intentional.