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nomu’s September recipe cards

NoMU always has the most delicious, yummy, appetizing and, let’s not forget, INSPIRING, food treats on their site. I love their products – from the spicy rubs to the most decadent hot chocolate – the NoMU range is both practical and tasty, all wrapped up in great eye-catching packaging! And since we eat with our eyes (right?) their September recipe cards totally caught mine. Styled by the talented Juleta Hirner and photographed by Dawid Vervey of Flat Art Studios, these online recipe cards are the digital inspiration akin to cruising our favourite cook books. Not only do the recipes look amazing but I’m sure they’ll taste even better. Here are some of my favourites from the September recipe cards. Download all 8 of them here and get baking!






the power of the mandrobe

The power of a good mandrobe is undeniable…and who can deny that statement over on Citymob‘s Men’s Fashion Fix? Here’s a selection of my top items still available on their Cool Dudes’ Style Guide…


Modern men know the power of a well-chosen wardrobe. My role as a personal stylist helps both men and women improve their dress sense and navigate the world of fashion with confidence. Today I’d like to share a few basic rules for building a timeless and complete wardrobe which every man should follow. Do you want to know what they are? Of course you do!

  1. Know Yourself –  dress right for your body type and get a proper fit.
  2. Get the Basics – collect classic pieces which are of good quality and well made.
  3. Coordinate – learn the clever tricks of matching with colour and pattern: your wardrobe will double with versatility.
  4. Accessorise – bridge the gender gap with well-chosen accessories which confidently pull a look together.
  5. Maintain your Wardrobe – store, dry-clean and care for your clothing properly…it’ll pay off later.
  6. Grooming – don’t forget this all-important rule…your face and hair are what people see first!

So chaps, that’s a few basic guidelines you should follow. Check out Citymob’s cool dudes definitive style guide for more inspiration.