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in my studio

Hello friends…hope you’re doing well wherever you are. I thought I’d share a corner of my studio with you today… I recently bought the cabinet from Vamp, a much-loved furniture store in Cape Town which restores & reinvents mostly mid-century pieces. It works so well for storage & display in this corner of my studio with the chevron wall & monochromatic photographs of my loved ones.

I gave our old family cuckoo clock a nice coat of glossy black…

I spray painted a couple of wire hangers & used them to display the latest issues of my favorite decor magazines…

and it was all yellow

Bright bursts of yellow caught my eye today – from sharp citrus acids to creamy lemon curdy hues.

Yellow list

1 standing lamp. 2 table light. 3 Feiyue sneakers. 4 pot plant holder. 5 bird feeder.
all from dokter and misses
6 Tibi city dress from net-a-porter
7 cushion from toast
8 vases from mermaidhut

and some sunny inspiration from the net..