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91 Magazine September 2014


Calling all vintage and craft lovers out there! Beautiful 91 Magazine is back with a brand new issue and I’m thrilled to be able to share a few of the inspiring spreads with you today. Take a peek at the cover home belonging to Norwegian blogger Inger Lill Skagen…

amutedrainbow_3 amutedrainbow_2amutedrainbow

then discover how collections tell a story about our history or personal style. Find out how to display those objects you cherish in ways that are imaginative and personal.


and visit the colourful home of a happy couple in Leeds who live in a converted Victorian school building…



images used with kind permission

91 Magazine is an online magazine, filled with beautiful images, great features and lots of thrifty and crafty ideas for your home. Perfect for great style on a budget! It can be read anywhere and is smartphone and tablet friendly. Get your issue here.

Megan Alice England – textiles


do you remember the other day when I shared the fabulous 91 Magazine Craft Special and promised to show you more work from the screen-printed range by Megan Alice England? The eye-catching and fun designs from this UK textile designer are certainly worth sharing. I studied textile design at college, so it’s hardly a surprise that I tend to gravitate towards fabulous prints! Megan’s beautiful hand-printed products, inspired by a love of drawing and bold colours, are designed, printed and sewn in her Cheltenham studio. It looks like she has some great specials on at the moment, so head on over to her shop. These are a few of my favourites from her range…


And if you’ve ever wondered how fabric gets screen-printed, then watch this video showing you the ropes: