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the talented Ms. Suzelle

Whenever I’m in need of a good South African giggle, I merely have to click over to Suzelle DIY – our very own tears-rolling-down-your-face-with-laughter YouTube sensation. If you haven’t heard of her…what rock have you been under? And if you know dear Suzelle and her DIY antics, then we’re on the same page. But what you may not know is that Julia Anastasopoulos, the actress behind the delightfully dippy character, is also an accomplished illustrator. Her work is whimsical and beautifully drawn. Take a look at her illustrations under her label Knolc.

knolc-3 knolc-4 knolc-1 knolc-2

Julia has her architecturally referenced illustrations featured at the Civic Centre MyCiti Bus Station, where the visitors explore the Cape Town Cityscape through a series of illustrated panels. Another long-time favourite of mine is her mural in the children’s section of The Book Lounge.


So I’m in need of a laugh today…I’m off to watch Suzelle How To Iron Without An Iron…

and then I’ll see How To Make The Suzelle Upstyle.

Because anybody can. Have a great day!

Guiomar Teles – collage


When last did you make a collage that was as rad as these?


Portuguese illustrator Guiomar Teles creates mixed media magnificence using texture, shape and colour all merged together with the help of the computer. When she was a child, Guiomar tried to reproduce her mother’s paintings. But instead of oil, she gave her a pen and scissors. Guiomar’s first collages took shape.


The appealing pastel tones and vintage images give the collages a nostalgic quality, but the magic happens with the addition of the modern daubs and blurs.

guiomar-teles-custom-patterns-3 guiomar-teles-custom-patterns-4 guiomar-teles-custom-patterns-5

have a great weekend!