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spring is in the air

Each season has such beauty, but spring is pretty special in my opinion. I think it’s the shift from the melancholy of winter to the renewal of spring, the earlier sunrises and the blossoms appearing on the trees like confetti on a bride’s veil. I snapped off a few sprigs of jasmine from our neighbour’s hedge (shhh!) and that deliciously heady scent fills my office with promise of the new season’s growth and awakening. Have a marvellous weekend and enjoy some spring inspiration here today…


a rainbow of flowers | pink & mint wall


striped mason jar DIY


pastel pencil crayons | beach life


butterfly cake toppers DIY


crepe paper gift wrapping DIY

Blossom Type


With spring just around the corner – here’s hoping! – I thought we could end the week with some beautiful floral inspiration. Blossom Type is the delicate still life creation devised by Alice┬áMourou, Dmitriy┬áPetrov, Olesya Korsak and Nikita Schukin.


The alphabet is crafted from natural flowers and is the first part of an interactive project where the making of every letter is made into a video.

blossom-type blossom-type-3 blossom-type-8 blossom-type-4 blossom-type-6 blossom-type-5 blossom-type-9 blossom-type-2

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