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Line Klein lick your lips food photography


A favourite photographer is without a doubt Line Thit Klein. This Copenhagen-based acclaimed editorial photographer specialises in interior, food, travel and lifestyle photography. An adoring foodie, a lover of all things delicate, that being both feasts and faces. Texture and light is her thing. Sounds like the perfect formula for Scandinavian cool. These foodie shots leave me inspired, hungry and wanting to cook, photograph then eat.

tine-klein-food-5 tine-klein-food-6

Want to see the yummiest looking pizza? After the jump.

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Babylonstoren – the ground beneath our feet


A few weeks ago, I visited the beautiful Babylonstoren. Locals will be familiar with this special place, but if you’re not from Cape Town, then you’re in for a treat. Babylonstoren is one of the oldest Cape Dutch farms in the winelands with a fruit and vegetable garden as diverse as it is beautiful. We toured their garden with the gracious Gundula who suffuses her love for the earth into every word and gesture. I have not had an experience quite as moving as our morning in the gardens of Babylonstoren for quite a while.

The fresh greenness of spring was abundant and flagrantly intoxicated the senses. From the lush chamomile lawn under our feet to the sharp, astringent flavour of the kumquats that we harvested from the early yield as we meandered down the pathways, every moment was an education and an inspiration. I can only agree with Gundula: “How lucky can I be, to be here.  It’s paradise lost and found.”


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