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Noémiah – prints charming

So yesterday we visited a dreamy Norwegian apartment…it seems as if I’m still in a feminine mood because today I’m so excited to share a collection that is not only feminine, but super stylish and one-of-a-kind charming.


Noémiah is the gorgeous brand by designer Noémie Vaillancourt. Before embarking into the world of fashion, Noémie studied literature – perhaps that is a contributing factor her brand’s romantic nature!


Since 2008, her feather jewellery line paved the way for a fashion and accessories range. The feminine detailing of Noémiah is beautifully expressed in bows, frills and scalloped hems. Noémie frequently collaborates with artists and her in her latest collection, Les Herbes Folles, Noémie teams up with illustrator Paule T.B to create elegant yet playful dancer prints.

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have a wonderful day!