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Missibaba and The Sea Point Library


I love books and I must admit to being a bit of a library nerd. All those perfectly lined up spines embracing so much delicious knowledge and inspiration…who’s with me? So clearly, the launch of Missibaba‘s latest collection of leather lusciousness, entitled The Reference Section of The Sea Point Library, had my nerdy heart racing.


This year the brilliant ladies behind Missibaba took a travel hiatus. Instead of globe-trotting for inspiration, they turned local and ensconced themselves for a week long odyssey into the reference section of the Sea Point Library in Cape Town. Art, design and gardening books got Chloe and Lizel’s creative juices flowing and the result is a collection rich in character and narrative.


The collection has three new patterns created with appliqué and cut-out techniques in multiple colour options. The Quilt, inspired by a photo of an Amish quilt; The Tropicana, the result of a watermelon print paper cutting session; and my favourite, The Pineapple Scallop, another off-cut paper cut creation. Truly delicious!

missibaba-seapointlibrary-7 missibaba-seapointlibrary-3

The base colour palette is fairly neutral – a buttery soft tan and navy charcoal form the core of the collection – with accents of sunflower yellow and gold for pop. Perfect for autumn! Summer junkies can still get their colour fix with the addition of juicy brights and bolds.


Four new bold patterns were also created for the collection, also referenced from design and architectural sources. I think Missibaba is just brilliant. Their collection launch the other night was a fabulous evening and I couldn’t resist a certain Cleopatra belt that called my name very loudly. Happy me!


Guiomar Teles – collage


When last did you make a collage that was as rad as these?


Portuguese illustrator Guiomar Teles creates mixed media magnificence using texture, shape and colour all merged together with the help of the computer. When she was a child, Guiomar tried to reproduce her mother’s paintings. But instead of oil, she gave her a pen and scissors. Guiomar’s first collages took shape.


The appealing pastel tones and vintage images give the collages a nostalgic quality, but the magic happens with the addition of the modern daubs and blurs.

guiomar-teles-custom-patterns-3 guiomar-teles-custom-patterns-4 guiomar-teles-custom-patterns-5

have a great weekend!