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5 days | 5 looks | 1 girl

I really think the 5 Days 5 Looks 1 Girl column on Vogue.com is fabulous. We all get stuck in a wardrobe rut every so often. Looking at fashion editorials and runway shows is wonderfully inspiring but it doesn’t necessarily help us when we face our wardrobe every morning and wonder the eternal dilemma…what to wear! This is one of the reasons I love the street style photography sites so much. They show real people with real bodies wearing real clothes. They show how real people – with style – make that decision when they face their wardrobe. So this column on Vogue shows one girl and what she chose to wear for 5 days. This time it’s the turn of Vogue.com Contributor and Cofounder of Jean Stories, Jane Herman Bishop. She wears jeans a lot! But Jane successfully styles – to perfection might I just add – this classic crutch item that so many people turn to when faced with the what to wear decision. Take a look at how Jane gives this fall-back-on wardrobe staple a fresh update…

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the power of the mandrobe

The power of a good mandrobe is undeniable…and who can deny that statement over on Citymob‘s Men’s Fashion Fix? Here’s a selection of my top items still available on their Cool Dudes’ Style Guide…


Modern men know the power of a well-chosen wardrobe. My role as a personal stylist helps both men and women improve their dress sense and navigate the world of fashion with confidence. Today I’d like to share a few basic rules for building a timeless and complete wardrobe which every man should follow. Do you want to know what they are? Of course you do!

  1. Know Yourself –  dress right for your body type and get a proper fit.
  2. Get the Basics – collect classic pieces which are of good quality and well made.
  3. Coordinate – learn the clever tricks of matching with colour and pattern: your wardrobe will double with versatility.
  4. Accessorise – bridge the gender gap with well-chosen accessories which confidently pull a look together.
  5. Maintain your Wardrobe – store, dry-clean and care for your clothing properly…it’ll pay off later.
  6. Grooming – don’t forget this all-important rule…your face and hair are what people see first!

So chaps, that’s a few basic guidelines you should follow. Check out Citymob’s cool dudes definitive style guide for more inspiration.