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architecture meets art – Federico Babina

These graphic Archist posters by Federico Babina took my fancy. Slightly surreal, Federico dissected each modern artist’s work into colour, shape and form and created a series of illustrations of the buildings that these masters might live in. It’s a great visual creation of the imagination, an implicit partnership between Architecture and Art.

graphic-archist-poster-series-Federico-Babina graphic-archist-poster-series-Federico-Babina-2 graphic-archist-poster-series-Federico-Babina-6 graphic-archist-poster-series-Federico-Babina-8 graphic-archist-poster-series-Federico-Babina-10 graphic-archist-poster-series-Federico-Babina-11 graphic-archist-poster-series-Federico-Babina-13 graphic-archist-poster-series-Federico-Babina-15 graphic-archist-poster-series-Federico-Babina-4

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Dave Matthews Band concert posters


Eye-catching and totally unique, the concert posters for the Dave Matthews Band caught my eye recently. Edgy and hip, the posters are as creative as they are original … pretty much like Dave Matthews himself. Since 2005, Methane Studios has been commissioned to design posters for the Dave Matthews Band, creating screen printed artworks in limited editions.


Currently on tour in South Africa, the Dave Matthews Band played in our hood on Saturday, so of course we went to the show. A long-time fan of his music, (I remember being blown away in 1996 when I first encountered their song, Crash Into Me), it was great to finally experience the band live. These cool posters, with a retro flavour, uniquely illustrate just how awesome the band is. So, enjoy some eye-candy for all you DMB typography groupies out there …








Dave Matthews Band concert posters by Methane Studios