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I heart monochrome studios!

As you might know, I’m kinda into monochrome spaces! My studio is top to toe monochrome and I love the classic black and white colour scheme with its fresh graphic sense of space. Here is another lady who is keen on a bit of black and white…Mandy of Fabric Paper Glue has a beautiful studio space which I’m delighted to share here today.


Practical, versatile and super stylish, Mandy’s studio is the perfect blend of graphic minimalism with feminine touches.

monochrome-studio-3 monochrome-studio-2 monochrome-studio-5 monochrome-studio-6

studio tour – Jeremy Harwell


Hello everyone! I think we need an inspiring way to start the week, so how about a really gorgeous studio tour? This is the studio of Jeremy Harwell, a photographer who specialises in wedding and bridal photography, but who is equally passionate about lifestyle and editorial photography that is natural and shows the beauty of the inner person. What initially struck me when I saw this studio tour on Decor8 was the perfect balance between masculine and feminine in the colour and style of the d├ęcor. The gorgeous salmon pink paired with the monochromatic black and white is inspired. Very minimal but still with a soft freshness to the interior.

jeremy-harwell-home-7 jeremy-harwell-home-5 jeremy-harwell-home-4 jeremy-harwell-home-2 jeremy-harwell-home-3 jeremy-harwell-home-1

Take a look at Jeremy’s blog for a visual feast of photography. Have a lovely day!