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rock your world black leather pants

How do we feel about black leather pants?


When I was in my early twenties, and not earning very much, I bought a pair of black leather pants – faux of course, since I couldn’t possibly afford the real thing. Every time I wore those pants I felt super edgy and impossibly cool. Because that’s the point of black leather pants, right? They make you feel like you are a ballsy rock star or a chic Milanese fashion designer, depending on your mood. I wore those pants to death. Yes, to death. It got to a point where my faux leather pants were beyond redemption and circling the drain. Unwearable but forever in my good times memory bank.

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Closet Command – 6 steps to set things straight

I have to admit that my clothing has the brazen tendency to expand to closets in other rooms of the house. Jackets shamelessly jettison the supplies in my office cupboard, while dresses defiantly dominate my little son’s top hanging space – he can’t reach up there anyway!  So it’s no surprise that very high up on my wish list is a walk-in closet for all my clothing to dwell audaciously together with room to still do a cartwheel. (Me, not my clothing…if I could actually do a cartwheel. Never mind that.) We all know that it’s pretty easy for our closets to get into a disorganised, haphazard state (nothing to do with us, everything to do with the wardrobe pixies.) And we know it’s irrational to hang onto that first pair of Diesel jeans you ever owned despite the fact that you really can’t rock them any more (15 years and 2 children later.) So as we traverse the seasonal shift, I think it’s an excellent time of year to create a new wardrobe strategy.


Lately, I’ve been aggressively pruning my wardrobe and donating loved but unworn items left, right and centre. It’s a liberating feeling and it most definitely allows you to see the wood for the wardrobe trees when faced with that confounding question of what shall I wear today??! My wardrobe MO has generally been when I buy something new, I get rid of something older to keep the balance. It works pretty well too. Then, dear readers, I came across this article which really separates the men from the boys when it comes to paring down a wardrobe to just several carefully selected items. Now, I’ll be quite frank. I’m not so sure I could actually do this, but I love the concept and thought it well worth sharing. Let me tell you about it…

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